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You must register all personal bats.

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ASA/USA Non-Approved Bat List | ASA/USA Softball’s Non Certified Bats Announcement

Bat Registration Form


Before you submit your bat for approval, be aware that the approval of your personal bat is a privilege extended to you, not a right. Club bats are available to all players. The club will approve bats which meet the criteria listed below.

By submitting a bat for approval, you are stating that the bat is not altered nor will it be altered, from its original performance level in any way, including but not limited to: rolling, shaving, disguising with stickers or bat wraps or painting or using sources such as sun boxes, heat packs, etc to improve performance.

  • Registered bats may be collected and examined at any time by a club official.
  • Refusal to submit a registered bat for examination and/or testing will result in the bat being ruled illegal.
  • The board will determine any further action regarding a player with an illegal bat.
  • It is the responsibility of all bat owners and users of personal bats to ensure the bat is legal.

Before you submit your bat for approval:

  1. Make sure your bat is an ASA logoed slow pitch softball bat. The ASA logo is an imprinted integral
    part of the bat's design, not an add on. The logo and any serial numbers/names must be legible on
    your bat.
  2. On the club website, review all disapproved ASA logged bats. These were legal at one time but the
    ASA's approval of these bats has been withdrawn. We follow ASA bat guidelines.
  3. Check your safety grip. It must be cork, composite material or tape. No smooth tape such as ,
    electrical, duct, duck, plastic, etc is permitted.
  4. Remove all add ons that did not come with your bat when new. These include but are not limited
    to: name tags, old club stickers, old tape you used to ID your bat, tournament or league approval
    stickers, rotational tape, flames, animals, political bumper stickers or other decorations etc.
  5. Clean a 6” circular area above your safety grip using soap and water or alcohol. Don't use
    chemicals as the new approval Yellow tape that will surround your handle may not stick. Dry the area to receive a new sticker. Senior bats for women and 78+ men will receive Pink tape and may be registered by anyone.
  6. Each bat will be engraved with a 2 or 3 digit ID number.
  7. Do not fill out information below. Bring this form to the field

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ASA/USA Non Approved Bat List

OCT 6, 2016


ASA/USA Softball’s Non Certified Bats Announcement

JAN 22, 2016, 2:11 P.M. (ET)

The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)/USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, in working with Easton Baseball/Softball Inc. (Easton), announced today that Easton is voluntarily removing the following softball bat models from the ASA/USA list of certified bats: SCN1, SCN11BH, SCN1B, SCN2B, SCN3, SCN4B, SCN5, SCN5B, SCN6B, SCN7, SCN7B, SCN8, SCN8B, SCN9, SCX14B, SCX24B and SCX3.