2020 Board Candidates

Candidate applications for the open Board of Directors positions are available for your review.  There are 5 candidate applications which you can view by clicking here —- >  Board Candidate Applications

Minutes 08/29/20

Minutes 08/29/20

Umpire’s Pal 07/20

The latest edition of the Umpire’s Pal is now on the Umpires page.  Great insight into interpreting and implementing many of our rules.  Read it now and see if you can interpret the rules correctly.

Octogenarians in Softball

Check out the Facebook page for Pictures.


Octogenarians in Softball

Minutes 04/27/2020

Minutes from the BOD meeting have been posted to the Minutes page.

Current News/Events

  • The February Minutes have been added to the Minutes page.  You must be logged on to review them.
  • New Umpire Pal has been posted on the Umpires page under Schedule & Draft page
  • The March Clinics have been posted on the calendar.

Minutes Posted

The minutes of the following meetings have been posted to the minutes page.




One Pitch Game

Greetings 1 pitch players.

Attached is  1. Complete roster of all players and TEAM NUMBERS      2.  Complete schedule of games with approximate start times     3.  Important information sheet.
Please review all materials.   Teams were computer generated, team numbers and 1st game schedule were random number generated.
When your team meets pregame, YOU need to fill out 3 batting orders for you, the scorekeeper and your opponent. Pencils and pens will be at the scorers table.
If you change your batting order for each game, 3 new lineup sheets will be needed.
You have NO assigned manager.  All 12 of you can share manager duties.  Designate 1 player to act as game manager and collectively choose your batting order and positions.
Call or text me or Dan Shipley  317.442.3804 with any concerns.   Thanks & play ball.  Tom Mackar 440.376.6573

Monday Pick-up Games

The Softball Club is adding a Pick-up game to the calendar. This game will be played after Monday morning batting practice and scheduled to begin at 10:30.

Skills Clinic Dates for November

Learn By Doing Skills Clinic – November 2, 9, 16  (also posted to the Calendar)

Click here for a Printable Flyer ====>   Printable Flyer-skills clinic dates for Nov 2019